Cold Weather Products

Red Snow Shovel with 60inch Wooden Handle (SNOWSHRD)

Price: £ 9.99

  • Heavy Duty Plastic PP Plastic Scope with wooden handle
  • Snow shovel L42 x H 31 x W 4.5cm;
  • Wooden Handle 48" x 2.8cm or 60" x 2.8cm
  • Handle needs to be pushed inside hole when it arrives
  • Packaging - Pre packed box, taped & Sealed

In stock and available now

  • Price: £ 9.99

Home Grit Bin with 10Kg Salt (POGRIT)

Price from: £ 64.95

Be well prepared for a harsh winter with our brand new domestic grit bins. Now you can safely, conveniently and attractively store a supply of your very own grit at home. Handy for gritting your road, driveway or patio, the Home Grit Bin is delivered to your door complete with 10Kg of White Rock Salt and a scoop.

It has a 35 Litre Capacity, has been UV protected so it won't discolour and it has a high impact resistance in freezing temperatures. Featuring a strong nylon hinge and a lockable lid with a dust-cap and 2 keys.

If we're in for a winter anywhere near as cold, snowy or icy as the last couple of years your domestic grit bin will be an investment that pays back this year. But its' robust design and build-quality should give you many more years of service.

Available in Oak Brown or Black

In stock and available now

  • Colour

  • Price: £ 64.95

Extreme Weather Gloves (EXWEGL)

Price: £ 4.95

  • High Visability
  • Superb Grip
  • Extra warm lining
  • As seen on Ice Road Truckers!!

In stock and available now

  • Price: £ 4.95

Steel Digging Shovel (CS590)

Price: £ 8.95

Digging shovel. Heat treated and oil cooled steel.

In stock and available now

  • Price: £ 8.95

Avalanche Traditional Sledge (SNOW2)

Price: £ 12.99

Avalanche Traditional Sledge, robust and durable construction.

In stock and available now

  • Price: £ 12.99