Water Butt Pumps

Add water pressure to your water butt with a water butt pump.
Enjoy the pressure and convenience of fast flowing water with one of our water butt pumps, from deluxe heavy duty steel pumps to solar powered pumps, once you have one you'll never use the mains again.

  • 3P Technik Garden Steelpump (3PGDSP)
    3P Technik Garden Steelpump
    Price: £ 329.95
  • AquaCharge Chargeable Submersible Pump (ACHARGE)
    AquaCharge Chargeable Submersible Pump
    Price: £ 59.99
  • Irrigatia Solar Automatic Watering System (IRRIG)
    Irrigatia Solar Automatic Watering System
    Price: £ 79.95
  • Water Butt Foot Pump (FPUMP)
    Water Butt Foot Pump
    Price: £ 29.95