Pumps and Irrigation

AquaCharge Chargeable Submersible Pump (ACHARGE)

Price: £ 59.99

The AquaCharge pump represents a foray into the consumer pump market for ITT - industry leaders in industrial pumps. It's portability makes it ideal for use in the garden, featuring a cordless-drill style battery with charging pod you can keep indoors. Simple charge up the battery inside, then just slot it into the end of the pump itself and submerge into your water butt to give you a pressurised supply of rainwater to use around the garden.

  • Charge time: Approximately 12 hours
  • Connections: Standard garden hose
  • Dimensions: 24cm × 32cm × 32cm (pack size)
  • Output: Approximately 750 litres per charge
  • Voltage: 9.6 volts
  • Weight: 1.63 Kg
  • Pumps fresh and salt water
  • Durable and fully submersible
  • Easy On/Off control switch
  • Removeable filter for easy cleaning
  • Includes UK and standard European power adaptors

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  • Price: £ 59.99

Irrigatia Solar Automatic Watering System (IRRIG)

Price: £ 72.95

Introducing the Irrigatia Solar Automatic Watering System. An excellent system that harnesses the power of the sun and the water in your water butt to automatically drip-water plant pots, beds and even hanging baskets in your garden.

The kit waters automatically every 3 hours depending on the amount of sunshine and the position and setting of the control knob. Meaning that the sunnier it is, the more frequently it will distribute the water - just when your garden needs it most.

The Irrigatia can be set up to water large or small plants, and can even pump water upto 4m high making it also ideal for hanging baskets.

Supplied with 15m of tube that can be cut to size for your use, the kit also includes 12 stakes and tees so you can water up to 12 beds, baskets, vegetable planters, pots or grow bags. Place the feeder tube into your water butt or other non-pressurised water supply and arrange the drip tube as required. Then simply switch on and that's it!

The Irrigatia system can supply up to 36 drippers and extra tube and drippers are available using the information inside.

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  • Price: £ 72.95

Rainperfect Solar Powered Pump (RPFCT)

Price: £ 89.90

The RainPerfect pump and solar panel system installs easily and provides sufficient pressure to run a standard nozzle or low pressure sprinkler system.

Harnessing the power of the sun, RainPerfect allows for efficient electrical operations without the constraints or installation of a dedicated power line. Further defining an environmentally friendly footprint, RainPerfect facilitates the direct application of collected rain water from your water butt to your multiple, water activity needs.

The RainPerfect pump system includes a control box with NiMH rechargeable battery, an intake hose, the submersible pump and a 3.5 watt solar panel with ground stake which can be mounted on the water butt, a fence or wall or secured in the ground using the ground stake included. The kit also contains 4.5 m of wire to allow convenient placement.

Product Details

Litres (water) per charge: Approximately 378 litres (100 gal)
Maximum Pressure: 0.9 bar
Charge Time: Approximately 8 hours of sun
Voltage: 12 volt
Port Size Outlet: Standard garden hose

In stock and available now

  • Price: £ 89.90

3P Technik Garden Steelpump (3PGDSP)

Price: £ 274.99

This garden steelpump is the one supplied with our rain tank systems. IT's a heavy-duty pump made to industrial-use standards but for domestic applications. This ensures exceptionally high-quality and reliability and allows us to offer a 5 year guarantee. Using the Garden Steelpump you can enjoy the pressure and convenience of mains water while you are actually using free rainwater. Simply connect a hose or tap to the pump and it will run when you open the tap and automatically shut off when you close it, so there is no need to run and switch the pump off. The pump can supply water at 4 bar of pressure allowing it to push water uphill as high as 40 metres. Using the pump, the flow rate through a 1/2 inch hosepipe is similar to mains water.

Please note this pump is only suitable for filtered water so only use with good quality rainwater tanks which have had the water pre-filtered on entry, for example by using a filter-collector such as the one sold with our rank tank systems.

Pump technical details:
Power rating: 600W
Weight: 15kg
Maximum flow rate: 3,000 litres/ hour
Supply voltage: 230/240V
Water resistance: IP68 (it is submersible)
Power cable: 10 metres in length
Inlet - 1" Female BSP
Outlet - 1.25" Female BSP
Dimensions: Length - 477mm, Width - 200mm, Height - 226mm

In stock and available now

  • Price: £ 274.99