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Water Butt Cleaners

Why should you clean your water butt?

There are many reasons why you should make sure you are keeping your water butt/water tank clean. The main reasons are, to avoid the water from becoming smelly etc, as bacteria can thrive in stagnant, warm water and the summer sunshine will speed this up so make sure you are prepared whatever the weather. Make sure you stop debris and leaves entering the water butt by the use of the worlds most popular diverter - The Gutter Mate. By doing this, you are keeping the water fresh!

If you are using the water to water plants, keeping your water clean is essential. We can not stress enough how important it is to keep your water butt healthy.

When cleaning the water butt, give things a helping hand by using natural products such as the Water Butt FreshaTank Microbial Disc and the Gardening Naturally Natural Water Butt Treatment. These both help keep things clean and odour free by tackling viruses, bacteria, fungus and water borne diseases – all without any chemicals so the water remains safe to use on plants and around the garden

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