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Revolutionise Your Garden with the Wallmounted Terracottage Water Butt

160L Terracottage Wallmounted Water Butt

Are you tired of dealing with bulky water butts that take up valuable space in your garden?

Look no further than the revolutionary 160L Terracottage Wallmounted Water Butt! This space-saving masterpiece is specifically designed for gardens where space is limited, making it the perfect solution for urban dwellers and small garden owners.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by water harvesting experts, the Wallmounted Terracottage Water Butt is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Its elegant design will effortlessly blend into any outdoor space, enhancing its overall beauty.
But that's not all - this incredible water butt has an eco-friendly secret! Constructed with 100% recycled plastic sourced in the UK, it is a sustainable choice that will leave a minimal carbon footprint. By purchasing this product, you are actively contributing to a healthier planet.
The durability and weather-resistance of this water butt ensure its longevity. No need to worry about constant replacements or repairs. This product is built to withstand the elements and serve you faithfully for years to come.
By investing in the Wallmounted Terracottage Water Butt, not only are you saving precious space in your garden, but you are also making a conscious choice to use recycled materials and support the environment. Join us in the quest for a greener planet, one water butt at a time. Purchase your Terracottage Water Butt today and become a champion for sustainability!

Keep Your Garden Green with a Water Butt: Ensuring Adequate Water during Hot Weather

Firstly, let's acknowledge the majestic simplicity of a water butt - an ingenious reservoir for harvesting rainwater. With each shower, every drizzle, and even during thunderstorms, Mother Nature provides us with this pure, untapped source of H2O. By collecting rainwater in a water butt, you gain an invaluable supply to nourish your garden, saving the precious water from your taps for tasks that genuinely require it. Trust me, the joy of self-sustaining your plants while cutting down your utility bill is beyond gratifying!

We'd like to emphasize the fact that during periods of extreme heat, your water butt might only provide a limited supply of water for up to three days. While this might not sound like much, understanding this limitation is crucial in managing your water usage effectively.



Did you know that a typical household collects around 24,000 litres of rainwater in a single year? Think of the collective impact we can make as an environmentally responsible community!

During hot weather periods, water availability can be a challenge to maintain. One way to save rain and ensure adequate water availability in your garden during these heatwaves is to install a water butt. A water butt is an excellent way to store rainwater, saving it for the hotter days ahead. With a water butt, you can keep your garden green and beautiful even during the most extreme weather conditions.

The Perfect Space Saving Water Butt

Strata 250L Black Slimline Water Butt

Strata 250L Black Slimline Water Butt

Are you tired of wasting water in your garden? Do you want to do your part in conserving water and make your garden more sustainable? Look no further! Introducing the Strata 250L Black Slimline Water Butt With Tap & Lid With Stand And Diverter, the perfect solution for your smaller garden.
With its space-saving design, this 250L Slimline Water Butt from Strata is specifically designed to fit snugly into any small garden, allowing you to save precious space without compromising on capacity. Made from sturdy black plastic, this water butt boasts a sleek square shape, making it a breeze to find the perfect spot for it in your garden.
But that's not all! With the included Stand and Diverter, you'll have everything you need to make the most of your new water butt. The stand provides a sturdy and elevated platform for your water butt, ensuring easy access and allowing you to fill watering cans or attach a hose with ease. The diverter, on the other hand, effortlessly redirects rainwater from your downpipe directly into the water butt, eliminating the need for constant manual filling.
Imagine the possibilities with the Strata 250L Black Slimline Water Butt With Tap & Lid With Stand And Diverter. Not only will you be able to collect and store rainwater to use during dry spells, but you'll also have a sustainable and cost-effective solution for watering your garden. By reusing rainwater, you'll not only reduce your water bills but also reduce your environmental footprint.
So, why wait? Take the first step towards a greener, more eco-friendly garden by investing in the Strata 250L Black Slimline Water Butt With Tap & Lid With Stand And Diverter. Embrace sustainability, save water, and create a flourishing garden all at once. Don't miss out on this essential addition to any garden enthusiast's toolkit!

Save Your Garden During the Hosepipe Ban with a Water Butt

water butts direct - hosepipe ban

The current hosepipe ban in effect in many parts of the UK is a major cause for concern for many gardeners.

But don’t worry - you can still keep your garden lush and green by investing in a water butt. With a water butt, you can store and use your own rainwater, meaning you won’t have to rely on the mains supply. Buy a water butt online today and you’ll be prepared for any future hosepipe bans - plus, you can save money on your water bills.

If you're concerned about how you're going to keep your garden healthy and hydrated during the hose pipe ban, investing in a water butt is a smart choice. Not only will it help you comply with the regulations, but it also offers several other benefits.

One of the main advantages of using water butts during the hose pipe ban is that they provide you with a direct source of water for your garden. You won't need to rely on mains water, which will save you money on your water bill. Instead, you can use the collected rainwater from your water butt to keep your plants and flowers healthy.

Another benefit of using water butts is that they help to conserve water. During a hose pipe ban, it's essential to reduce your water usage to avoid the risk of running out of water completely. With a water butt, you can collect and store rainwater, which can be used for several different purposes in your garden, such as watering your plants or washing your car.

Using water butts is also great for the environment. By collecting rainwater, you're reducing the amount of water that is lost through run-off, which can cause flooding and other environmental problems. Additionally, using less water reduces the amount of energy needed to pump and treat water, which helps to lower your carbon footprint.

Worried about size? Have a look at our 250L Black Slimline Water Butt With Tap & Lid With Stand And Diverter a great space saver!


Looking for more decorative water butts? Look no further than our 300L Helena Amphora Water Butt In Terracotta Effect add a touch of the Mediterranean to your garden!


How to Save Rain using a Water Butt or Water Tank

best selling water tanks water butts direct

Are you looking for a way to save rainwater and reduce your water bills? Look no further than water butts and water tanks!

Rainwater harvesting systems are ideal for collecting and storing rainwater for future use. Water Butts & Water Tanks both of which come in a variety of sizes and capacities, making them suitable for both domestic and commercial rainwater recycling systems.

With a little bit of effort and some resources, you can install a water butt or water tank in your garden and start collecting rainwater for use around the home and garden. So, if you’re ready to start saving rainwater with a water butt or water tank, read on!

With rainwater harvesting systems, you can collect and store clean and free rainwater from rooftops to use for a variety of purposes. The best selling water butts are those that are connected to the downspout of your house or other building, allowing you to capture the rain as it comes down. This can then be used to water your plants or garden, wash your car, or even to flush your toilet! By using a rainwater harvesting system, you can save money and conserve water.

Save on your water bill, and save on your energy consumption too

Summary: If you are looking to improve your home with cost-effective harvesting equipment you may want to consider Water Butts Direct. Water Butts Direct is a reliable online shop offering great advice on how to save money on your home. Read on to learn more about Water Butts Direct and the range of products they have to offer.

Save on your water bill, and save on your energy consumption too

Water Butt Direct is a one-stop online shop specialising in rainwater harvesting equipment and ensuring that you make the most cost-effective and sustainable choices when it comes to your home water butts. The team behind Water Butt Direct prides itself on making sure that your water butt is kept in good condition by providing all the necessary equipment including accessories, stands, and taps to keep it up to scratch. As a family-run business, your happiness is their priority, and with trusted payment options allowing you to spread the cost, they aim to ensure your water butt purchase is stress-free. If you're concerned about your energy consumption and would like to lower your energy bills, Water Butt Direct may be able to help.

A brief history of Water Butts Direct

Water Butts Direct is the UK’s leading distributor of water butts for both household and commercial use. With decades of experience in the water conservation world, they offer a range of high-quality products in the hope to help you on your way to sustainable living at a great value price. Based on their experience with water butts, they will help provide the best advice, offering a speedy service to ensure your needs are met.

What they offer

Water Butt Direct offers the UK’s largest range of water butts appropriate for every home including:

The 100L standard slim water butt

Sporting a slender design, this water butt is one of their best sellers as it can fit against any wall and even be placed in restricted areas. It also comes with a stand and diverter to make your water butt purchase simple and easy, supplying you with everything you need.

Standard water butts

If you are looking for something simple to do the job, Water Butt Direct offer standard water butts, suitable for every home and an easy choice to get your water bill savings started.

Space saving water butts

If you are short of space but still want to reap the benefits of a water butt, Water Butt Direct’s space-saving range is perfect to help you save money on water and energy consumption without crowding your garden.

Water butt accessories

To ensure that your water butt is taken care of and will be a long-term investment, Water butt Direct also provides everything you will need to keep it in good condition. This includes natural cleaners to keep your water butt smelling fresh, stands to make sure it is sturdy and secure, and even a variety of taps.

Contact Water Butt Direct

Water Butt Direct is the UK’S leading water butt distributor, offering a range of cost-effective products to help you save on water and energy bills.

How to Save Water This Christmas

How to Save Water This Christmas Header Image

Christmas is a fantastic time of year to look towards the future, not only in our own lives but also in the lives of others. Water conservation is one of the best things we can do individually, that can help others in the future, and with the amount of cooking and cleaning that goes on in and around Christmas, there are many ways in which you can limit your water usage!


Whether you are prepping your house for guests, or cleaning up after Christmas day, you're sure to do your fair share of cleaning. This can take a fair bit of water to accomplish, especially if you're cleaning the whole house.

Lemon and vinegar is a great alternative to most chemical cleaning options, and you're bound to use less water overall. Why not try a more organic cleaning solution for Christmas?

Re-Use Water

Preparing the Christmas dinner the night before is a popular tradition, and saves time on Christmas day. While you're soaking vegetables, why not keep that water to be used the next day for when you boil your veg?

Similarly, once you've finished boiling your vegetables, you can use the same water for your garden! Starch released from potatoes and other veg can stimulate nutrient release in the soil.

Food Scraps

Rather than scraping food waste in to your bin (where it will end up in landfill), or rinsing your plate under the tap (wasting water), why not simply add your food waste to a composter?

A composter can break down most types of food waste, but a hot-composter will be needed to break down meat and cheese. This will provide you with nutrient-rich compost which you can use for your garden!

General Tips

  • Fill a dishwasher to the brim to make the most of the water, if washing in the sink, be sure to use a bowl
  • Keep cold pitchers of water in the fridge so you don't have to run the tap every time
  • Don't defrost frozen foods with hot water, leave them overnight to defrost on their own
  • If you have a real tree, use any leftover water to keep it watered
  • You can use a water butt to harvest rainwater and provide usable water for your toilet, washing machine, and more!


How Do I Look After My Water Butt in Winter?

A rainwater harvesting system is invaluable during drier months and when we tend to garden more but when the weather changes, we garden less and our once often used water butt can become neglected. This season is as important as any when it comes to maintaining and caring for your water butt so that you can use it all year round. For it to survive the temperatures and lowered usage just follow our handy hints and your system will still be at its best come summer time.

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How Do I Care for My Water Butt in Autumn?

On our sustainable gardening journey, many of us invest in a water butt to harvest rainwater to use on plants and other things around the house (read our previous blog on how to be water smart for some tips). Whilst this system should be used all year round, the weather can sometimes stop us from making the most out of it. We may be in for rainy weather over Autumn, but this could mean you can use your harvested water for other purposes in the house. To do this, you may need to care for your water butt a bit more as the weather changes.  

Read through our handy tips to help you carry on using your water butt throughout Autumn. 

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The Best Water Butts for Small Gardens

Small Gardens

The Best Water Butts for Small Gardens

Water butts are a great way to do your bit for the environment by collecting rain water, and it’s also a great way to save money and help your plants to flourish. If you’re not particularly blessed with space in your garden, you may be wondering if installing a water butt is still an option, but let us reassure you that it is! As your one stop shop for rain harvesting equipment, we have plenty of tips and suggestions when it comes to finding the best water butts for small garden spaces.

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