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How Planters Can Bring Your Garden To Life

Using planters in your home is a brilliant way to add new colours and accents to your garden. Garden planters can allow green fingered homeowners to incorporate new types of vegetation into their existing flora and fauna—both indoors and out—from flowers or trees to fruits and vegetables. Plant pots and planter boxes are a versatile addition to any garden, and ideal for budding gardeners of all skill levels.

If you’re looking to expand the range of plants in your garden, or simply add some nature and colour into your home, planters are the best option. But how do you choose the right garden planter, and how can you use them to make the most of your garden? Read on to discover our top tips for getting the most out of your garden planters.


Types of garden planters

The planter pots available from Water Butts Direct come in a range of designs and sizes, so you’re sure to find one to suit your needs. However, they are also made from various materials, each of which offers their own unique benefit to the plant life they contain, and your garden as a whole.

    • Stone and terracotta plant pots are the toughest and heaviest materials for garden planters. This also means they are generally the most expensive, but also the most durable, particularly in the face of extreme weather which might knock a less sturdy garden planter over. The porous nature of both stone and terracotta planters also give your plants the best conditions in which to grow, and make attractive additions to any garden. However, it is worth noting that you should make sure to buy a frost-proof terracotta pot to ensure that it won’t shatter in cold conditions.

    • Plastic garden planters are becoming increasingly common in gardens across the country, especially now that they can be finished to resemble stone or wood. A plastic planter is just as useful for growing your plants indoors as outdoors, as they are lightweight and inexpensive. However, you should make sure to remember to keep any plants in plastic planters well watered, as they are not porous, and therefore will not absorb rainfall when left outside.

    • Wooden planters are most frequently associated with container gardens, providing a large, sturdy space for plants to grow. From a design perspective, they are the most customisable, and most models are made of pressure-treated timber to remove any risk of rot from exposure to water.


Making the most of your garden planter

Taking care of a garden planter is no different from looking after the rest of the plants in your garden. Potted plants need to be watered often, especially if they are outside and exposed to direct sunlight. Even after rain, it is imperative to check the moisture of the soil in your planter, in case leaves have shielded it.

The best thing about garden planters is their portability. If you can tell that the weather will become too rainy or cold for your plants to survive, you can simply move them to a covered area and allow them to wait out the storm. Most planters are also designed to protect against overwatering, as they often feature drainage holes to let out any excess liquid. However, if your planter does not feature a drainage hole, or if the existing ones do not offer adequate outflow, you should make sure to drill an additional one. Raising containers onto a cinder block or other platform will further aid against the soil becoming waterlogged.

When it comes to designing your garden, a planter can also help add some new layers and colours to your outdoor space. Smaller planters can be attached to, or hung in baskets from, the exterior walls of your property. This gives your home a subtle but effective design accent, as well as offering a fresh way to incorporate new plants and flowers into your garden.

No matter how you choose to use a garden planter from Water Butts Direct, you can be sure that they will bring your garden to life in new and beautiful ways.

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