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How to Save Water This Christmas

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Christmas is a fantastic time of year to look towards the future, not only in our own lives but also in the lives of others. Water conservation is one of the best things we can do individually, that can help others in the future, and with the amount of cooking and cleaning that goes on in and around Christmas, there are many ways in which you can limit your water usage!


Whether you are prepping your house for guests, or cleaning up after Christmas day, you're sure to do your fair share of cleaning. This can take a fair bit of water to accomplish, especially if you're cleaning the whole house.

Lemon and vinegar is a great alternative to most chemical cleaning options, and you're bound to use less water overall. Why not try a more organic cleaning solution for Christmas?

Re-Use Water

Preparing the Christmas dinner the night before is a popular tradition, and saves time on Christmas day. While you're soaking vegetables, why not keep that water to be used the next day for when you boil your veg?

Similarly, once you've finished boiling your vegetables, you can use the same water for your garden! Starch released from potatoes and other veg can stimulate nutrient release in the soil.

Food Scraps

Rather than scraping food waste in to your bin (where it will end up in landfill), or rinsing your plate under the tap (wasting water), why not simply add your food waste to a composter?

A composter can break down most types of food waste, but a hot-composter will be needed to break down meat and cheese. This will provide you with nutrient-rich compost which you can use for your garden!

General Tips

  • Fill a dishwasher to the brim to make the most of the water, if washing in the sink, be sure to use a bowl
  • Keep cold pitchers of water in the fridge so you don't have to run the tap every time
  • Don't defrost frozen foods with hot water, leave them overnight to defrost on their own
  • If you have a real tree, use any leftover water to keep it watered
  • You can use a water butt to harvest rainwater and provide usable water for your toilet, washing machine, and more!



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