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How Do I Look After My Water Butt in Winter?

A rainwater harvesting system is invaluable during drier months and when we tend to garden more but when the weather changes, we garden less and our once often used water butt can become neglected. This season is as important as any when it comes to maintaining and caring for your water butt so that you can use it all year round. For it to survive the temperatures and lowered usage just follow our handy hints and your system will still be at its best come summer time.

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How Do I Care for My Water Butt in Autumn?

On our sustainable gardening journey, many of us invest in a water butt to harvest rainwater to use on plants and other things around the house (read our previous blog on how to be water smart for some tips). Whilst this system should be used all year round, the weather can sometimes stop us from making the most out of it. We may be in for rainy weather over Autumn, but this could mean you can use your harvested water for other purposes in the house. To do this, you may need to care for your water butt a bit more as the weather changes.  

Read through our handy tips to help you carry on using your water butt throughout Autumn. 

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