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Should I Buy A Wall Mounted Water Butt?

Easily one of the most loved water butts on Water Butts Direct, is the 160L Terracottage Wall Mounted Water Butt. Its unique design and sturdy construction mean that owners of this water butt keep it working for years. The Terracottage Wall Mounted Water Butt can help you garden more sustainably and will help you save on space. If you’re considering having a wall mounted water butt but not sure what sets them apart, we here to help.  And if you are worried about fitting it flat against a wall, don’t worry we have a wall mounted installation guide to help you do that too.

What Is A Wall Mounted Water Butt?

A wall mounted water butt is a rainwater harvesting system that fixes against an outside wall with brackets and collects water from a roof and gutter, this water can then be used for several purposes including watering indoor and outdoor plants and washing your car. These systems save water and money on water bills and are especially useful during a hose pipe ban as water collected in a tank is used to water gardens.

Why Would You Need To Have A Wall Mounted Water Butt?

Predominately, a water butt wall mounted is used to save space in a garden. Even if the garden is large, many of us would prefer to fill our green space with flowers and planters and a wall mounted water butt will make sure you don’t take up precious room. They are also brilliant if you need to mow the lawn around the area you would have a water butt, when you wall mount a tank you are still able to access the grass underneath. This also cuts down on the need to clean underneath your water butt regularly as standing water butts can attract mould and creepy crawlies underneath due to the shade and damp. In addition, if you can only fit a water butt down an alley way or a small space, purchasing a wall mounted water butt is a great idea.

image of wall mounted water butt

Due to the tap being elevated already, these water butts make fitting a watering can underneath easy. Usually you would have to add a stand to a water butt to raise it enough to fit a watering can underneath, by mounting it to the wall, it is easily at the perfect height and does not wobble if nudged.

By having a water butt against a wall and saving space, your garden can maintain a chic look and not taken over by a large system of the same capacity. The Terracottage especially can almost be camouflaged against a wall, making sure your garden still looks lovely.

Do Wall Mounted Water Butts Do Better In The Winter Than Standing Water Butts?

We usually recommend elevating water butts during winter to avoid frost creeping from the floor but by wall mounting a water butt, you don’t need to change your installation for a season. Many houses have insulation in their outside walls which can cause walls to not frost over. Even if walls are not insulated, indoor heating causes outdoor facing walls to be warmer than the ground, meaning your wall hung water butt is less likely to freeze, even if you live in a cold area of the UK.

In addition, the Terracottage water butt is made from thick and robust plastic which causes it to not crack when water inside does freeze, stopping another issue that some gardeners come across.

There are many reasons why a wall-mounted water butt is a great addition to your garden but mainly if you are short on floor space or do not wish to compromise on room in your garden, this could be perfect for you. If you are looking to start your sustainable garden journey, a rainwater harvesting kit is a great way to begin.

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