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The Best Water Butts for Small Gardens

Small Gardens

The Best Water Butts for Small Gardens

Water butts are a great way to do your bit for the environment by collecting rain water, and it’s also a great way to save money and help your plants to flourish. If you’re not particularly blessed with space in your garden, you may be wondering if installing a water butt is still an option, but let us reassure you that it is! As your one stop shop for rain harvesting equipment, we have plenty of tips and suggestions when it comes to finding the best water butts for small garden spaces. 

Space Saving Options

So let’s start with the basics - if you’re short on garden space, it’s important to make use of what you’ve got. We have plenty of space-saving options within our range of water butts, with everything from wall-mounted to slim line styles. Our best selling 100L Slimline Space Saver Water Butt is a great option for small spaces, and by purchasing the kit that also contains a stand and standard diverter, it’s great value too! Wall mounted water butts can also work well too, keeping everything neat and tidy. The 160L Terracotta Wall Mounted Water Butt Bundle is perfect if you have limited space, and is manufactured with 100% recycled plastic. The bundle also features a Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter, giving you everything you need. 

Combine with Decorative Elements

For those of us with larger gardens, there may be the option to have your water butt installed somewhere discreet, but if you’re working with a small space, you may not have that option. However, a water butt doesn’t have to be an eyesore - in fact, they can be quite the opposite! We have plenty of water butts available that will easily fit in with your garden decor and keep in with your overall look. Our best-selling 150L Slimline Polybutt Water Butt is a great example, as the sleek, wood grain effect is smart and simple, making it a great choice for gardens with a modern style of decor. Alternatively, for more traditional decor in your garden, our ROTO 130L Conical Oak Barrel Wood Effect Water Butt will blend in wonderfully and is perfect for creating a natural, rustic look. 

For those who want to go a step further in incorporating a water butt into their garden decor, why not combine it with a planter? The 150L RainBowl Flower Water Butt has a planter built in so that you can elegantly display flowers and plants, while the vibrant colours will bring plenty of character!

Colour Pops

Another way to make the most of smaller spaces when you install a water butt is by opting something with a touch of colour. This is ideal for gardens with modern decor and is a great way to add a splash of personality. Our 150L Rattan Wicker Effect Polybutt Water Butt is not only slim and modern, but it’s available in seven vibrant colours too. Perfect for making a statement with your garden decor, this stylish water butt is perfect for matching with other coloured varieties of garden furniture and even colours among your plants and flower beds. 

Whatever the size and style of your garden, we have plenty of styles, shapes and varieties that will fit right in with your outdoor space, save you money and nourish your garden. Check out our full range of best-selling water butts today!




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