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Why You Need To Start Harvesting Rainwater & What You Need To Do It

Why You Need To Start Harvesting Rainwater

Water butts are most commonly used to recycle rainwater for use around you garden, and that’s a great way to save water and money on your household bill. However, the water you use for your lawn is doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you could be saving by having a water butt.

How much can you really save?

We all have to pay for the water that we use but rainwater is free, if you can collect enough of it then you have the potential to reduce your water bill by up to 34%. There are a few things that influence how much rainwater you will be able to harvest. CAT Information Service give this basic formula to calculate how much you could be collecting:

Last year the UK saw 1,372mm in rainfall, that means that on average we could be harvesting 114L of water per sq meter every month. When you add that all up, it’s clear that we could be doing a lot more with that than watering the garden.

Using the rainwater you harvest around your garden is great, but in terms of saving you money that will only get a measly 6% off of your water bill, according to affinity water.

Did you know that you can use the rainwater you harvest in your household appliances? If you were to recycle collected rainwater in your toilet and washing machine as well as around the garden then you would really start to see the difference in your water bill.

When it comes to collecting rainwater, bigger really is better!

 The size of the water butt you use is the biggest factor in determining how much rainwater you can collect, and ultimately how much money you will save. You could have the potential to be collecting thousands of Litres of water, but if you can only store it in a 200L you’ll won’t have enough to use around your house.

The average lawn requires about 117L of water to be watered properly, and the average toilet uses 15L of water per flush. Statistics from Affinity Water show that flushing the toilet is where 20% of our household water consumption comes from, but to get this of your water bill a small capacity water butt isn’t going to do the job.

Larger water butts can be more expensive, but in the long run they will save you more money because they enable you access to free water that can be used in larger quantities.

So which harvesting system do you need?

    1. “I just want to be able to water my garden for free.”

200L Garden Lake Water Butt Twin Pack

200L Garden Lake Water Butt Twin Pack

With this package deal, you’re getting a total of 400L capacity for just under £100 which is outstanding value. With this amount of rainwater you’d be able to keep your garden going through the driest months of summer.

You’d even be able to attach a garden hose to these water butts, and you’d be able to achieve the same pressure you would get with a tap by simply installing one of our water butt pumps.


2.  “I want to reduce my water bill by up to a third”

1000L Rainwater Harvesting Package

1000L Rainwater Harvesting Package

A rainwater harvesting system is what you need to collect large amounts of rainwater and make it suitable for use in household appliances. This particular package is a great place to start when installing a system into your own home.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead and install this tank we will spring into action, working with you to make sure that you’re bespoke package has all the right fittings for your home. Before you know it you’ll be supply your own water to your toilets and washing machine.


    1. “I want to get as close to not paying for any water as I possibly can.”

Gutter Mate Rainwater Recycling Gardening Kit

Gutter Mate Rainwater Recycling Gardening Kit

When you make the choice to install a rainwater harvesting system like this you’re not just being kind to your wallet, you’re also being kind to the environment. This system is the perfect foundation for being able to independently supply the majority of the water your household consumes.

As with the previous system, we will be able to assist you every step of the way to make sure that you have all the right bits and pieces to get this package up and running.

If this all seems a bit much and you just want to try out a basic water butt then have a browse through our vast range now!



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