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You can be water smart, with Thames Water and Water Butts Direct

You can be water smart, with Thames Water and Water Butts Direct

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Water is a very valuable commodity and as our population increases, the need for running water becomes greater.  Small wastes can become large-scale problems when many households exhaust the supply. You may already be trying to preserve your water supply by not wasting water and not using excessive amounts for household tasks, but there may be more you could do. Water Butts Direct have teamed up with Thames Water to help and educate people on how to use and save their water better.

Day To Day

Saving water needn’t be a daunting task, it can start at a small level and on a day-to-day basis. Starting to do little things every day will help your bank balance and your water supplies.

Here are our handy day-to-day water saving tips:

    • According to Thames Water, “A running tap can use six liters of water per minute”. By turning off the tap when brushing your teeth, a family of four could save up to “£36 on metered water bills, as well as up to 17,520 liters of water a year”. Making sure the whole family does not leave the tap running while brushing teeth or doing other tasks such as washing their faces and you could save a massive amount of water every day.


    • Checking your toilet and taps for leaks regularly could save water. A constant stream of water (even if it’s just a trickle or a drip) can add up. If you unable to fix a leak quickly, catch the water and use it on your plants or for washing vegetables and fruit.


    • Don’t waste water waiting for the shower to heat up, capture this cold water and use it on other things such as filling the bird bath.


    • Displacing the water in your cistern could help limit the amount of water used when flushing. This can simply be done by popping a well-sealed bag with large cobbles in (stick to a large sized weight that cannot escape into your water supply), the cistern will think that there’s more water in the tank and will fill up less, thus using less water to flush.

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In The Garden

The garden can use a surprising amount of water for upkeep. From watering plants daily to filling up bird baths, we can end up using more than we think. We have found a few hints to help you save water in the garden:

    • Watering the lawn on windy days causes the water to evaporate quickly. Try to avoid watering when there is a high wind, or your efforts may be wasted.


    • If it is not sunny, try to not water your lawn and turn your sprinklers down and turn your sprinklers off when it rains. Up to 24 hours after rain, your lawn will not need watering manually.


    • Install a water butt and use the water from this to complete regular garden tasks. Harvested water can also be used to clean cars and wash animals.


    • Chunks of bark, peat moss or gravel slows down evaporation. Pop some around trees and planting areas to help water retention.


    • Making the most out of an installed water butt to ensure you do not have unusable water is essential, too. Products such as the Gutter Mate filter and silver discs that kill diseases once immersed in water will help you harvest water without debris or bacteria in it.

According to Thames Water “up to 85,000 litres of rain falls on your roof each year” so installing a water butt could be your first step to becoming water smart. Water collected can be used for so much more than watering your garden, read through our FAQs, Tips & Guides to guide you through the process.

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