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We have the largest range of branded water butts in the UK featuring brands such as Graf, Strata, PolytankWhitefurze. Starting at less than £35 with Free UK Mainland delivery, our range includes many different styles, colours and sizes that will make a great addition to any home or commercial unit.

Brands like Strata and Whitefurze offer a range of standard water butts for general home use whereas Graf offer a range of decorative water butts that allow you to add style and class to your garden whilst also helping to recycle rainwater. Graf also provide larger tanks and systems aimed at home development or industrial units.

If you are struggling to decide or need some advise, speak to our customer service team today by clicking here and they can advise you further.

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  1. 800L Wall Tank - Granite
    800L Wall Tank - Granite

    As low as £499.99

  2. 1500L Utility Tank
    1500L Utility Tank

    As low as £838.99

  3. 200L Garden Lake Water Butt
    200L Garden Lake Water Butt

    As low as £44.99 Regular Price £46.00

  4. ROTO Water Barrel 50L
    ROTO Water Barrel 50L

    As low as £83.99

Items 1-48 of 274

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