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Large Vortex Rainwater Collection Filters for Barns & Warehouses (100mm)

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Rainwater collection for large structures such as farms, barns and warehouses. An excellent filter for industrial and commercial rainwater harvesting systems. 100mm

The Large Vortex Rainwater Collection Filters for Barns & Warehouses can be installed as part of a rainwater harvesting system where rain water from the roof is channelled through a horizontal underground pipe. 

It is suitable for filtering large amounts of rainwater.

The unit filters and diverts rainwater to a storage tank.  Leaves, moss and other debris are washed through to the drain or soakaway.

Rainwater enters the inlet connection in the side of the unit.  The inlet is designed to swirl the water in a vortex like action around the surface of the stainless steel filter below.  The rainwater is drawn through the vertical mesh walls of the fine filter by adhesion, then collected and fed through the outlet to the storage tank.  Debris and particles that are too large for the filter are flushed through to the drain outlet by the action of water flowing down the surface of the filter.  More than 95% of the rainwater entering the filter is filtered and collected by this principle.

Pitched roofs of slate, clay or concrete are the most suitable for collecting rainwater.  Flat roofs can also be utilised but the volume of water collected is reduced.  Thatch or planted roof areas are less suitable due to the low collection efficiency and discolouration of the water that is collected.

Read about how this filter was installed as part of the rainwater harvesting system that GutterMate installed at Richmond Park


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